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The Warcraft Game
A lot of people playing the "Warcraft" game from Blizzard, the last release currently was the Black Temple.

The games engine technology itself no need to comment but you need a game patch for new contents. The illustration of all actors from the game you see here are captured from the games and imagination of the fan! from their Warcraft fighting sense through their artist skills.

Total 2 pages of Fighting Game 

The Action, RPG and general shooting games playable by mouse and keyboard. To play the Flash game you need to make sure you have already installed the Adobe Shockwave player or Macromedia flash player into your computer.

Shooting terrorist
Fighting terrorist and do what you can and if you good enough catch Binladen!

Helping the hostage and save their lifes shoot fast and accurate. If you like shooting game this game is for you

Apache fighter
The helicopter fighting chasing game. Be an Apache pilot and shoot' em down.

Reo the Solder
This is the Metal sluge shooting and throwing granades for level up game.The troop are here but not your Reo you are alone.

Old Kung Fu
The old Kung Fu game during the old computer days, but Fun to play Beware of Kung Fu kids

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